Miraa House’s enjoys excellent resources that are ideally suited to ladies with an intellectual disability.  With our small groups we are able to provide our clients with outstanding resources in both the kitchen and home environment.

Outstanding kitchen resources

Outstanding Resources in the Kitchen

The kitchen at Miraa House is stocked with 8 of each tool/item, making this a very hands on experience for our clients, therefore holding their attention and turning the experience into a more enjoyable and successful learning opportunity.   The equipment used is well suited to our ladies.





We have recently developed two new rooms at the Centre, our styling-up room and the sensory room, these rooms have been added to enhance learning experiences.

styling up room

Styling-up Room

Our styling up room caters for a new program specifically created to offer personalised learning opportunities for each lady to deepen their individual understanding of themselves, their peers and the wider community.

The program will focus on:

– Self-awareness
– Self-confidence
– Self-care



sensory room

Sensory Room

The sensory room is a beautiful space where our ladies can retreat.  The room is designed to develop the touch, sight and hearing senses.  Many items in the sensory room are good for developing fine motor skills and can also stimulate creativity.