From September 2016, Miraa House has implemented the ASDAN program. ASDAN is a combination of activity-based curriculum enrichment (modules) with a framework centered on the development, assessment and accreditation of skills for learning, employment and life. Miraa House has chosen the “Towards Independence” program, which comprises a series of modules for adults with disabilities.

ASDANThe modules Miraa House are undertaking:

– Communication and Numeracy

– Independent Living

– Work -Related

– Personal Development and Citizenship


The ASDAN program was developed in 1981 by teachers and educators in the UK, to develop personal and social attributes.  The goal of the ASDAN program is to encourage, engage and motivate learning.

ASDAN offer a range of short courses to suit different levels of learning.  As part of the ASDAN program each student will receive a student book.  The student’s participation and progress in the program is monitored and recorded in the student hand book through notes, photos and evidence.  The Asdan program is now being used in many of the schools throughout Queensland and the student book is a great vehicle for transition between the school and Miraa House.

The ASDAN programs use simple steps to achieve a certain outcome in that module; they motivate learning by rewarding students on completed modules.

Miraa House is focusing on “Towards Independence modules” which is ideally suited to our program to help our women to become more independent.

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