food preparation

Preparing a healthy meal

Meal Preparation:

Miraa House promotes healthy eating.

The meal preparation program focuses on:

  • food preparation
  • the work area
  • packaging for outings
  • table setting
  • personal hygiene while preparing a meal
  • choices

Community access - shopping

Community access

Grocery Shopping & Functional Academics:

Miraa House encourages community access.

While out in the community our program focuses on:

  • determining recipes for the cooking program
  • making shopping lists
  • food selection
  • grocery handling
  • money handling
  • practicing social skills

Domestic skills program

Domestic skills

Domestic Skills:

Miraa House promotes independence within the home.

Our domestic skills program covers a wide range including:

  • Cleaning and tiding the house
  • making beds
  • vacuuming, mopping and sweeping
  • the clothes washing and drying process
  • packing and unpacking the dishwasher
  • tiding the kitchen

healthy living

healthy living

Healthy living:

Regular exercise and healthy eating is encouraged at Miraa House.

Healthy living is practiced at the centre and in the community, activities include:

  • walking and cycling
  • yoga
  • Circuit work in the Miraa House gym
  • healthy eating
  • making healthy snacks
  • caring for our bodies

personal grooming

Personal grooming

Personal Grooming & Work Readiness:

Personal grooming and hygiene is an area that is very well suited to our women only environment.

The program concentrates on:

  • hygiene and grooming routines
  • Self-presentation
  • dressing appropriately
  • the skills required when applying for work experience


community access

Community access

Community Access:

Community access allows the young women from Miraa House to practice the skills that they have been taught.

It is important for our young women to be accepted by the community and to allow this to happen they need to:

  • use appropriate behaviour & social skills
  • travel either by bus or train
  • access information when required
  • be aware and keep safe within the community


horticulture skills

Building horticulture skills


Horticulture is a program that ties in well with many of the other programs that we run.

During the process of growing a herb and vegetable garden we are able to teach:

  • responsibility
  • watering & caring for plants
  • how to use the plants in our cooking program
  • how thisĀ supports our healthy eating program





Our very talented music therapist gives a special touch of magic to this class.

Our music program gives each student the chance to play an instrument, sing and join in with the group.

During the session they:

  • sing and create songs
  • listen to the music
  • play a variety of instruments
  • practice social skills of sharing, taking turns and voice control




Drama builds self confidence in a fun and stimulating environment.

The Miraa House drama workshop is designed to:

  • encourage team work
  • stimulate movement
  • explore dance
  • build self confidence